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Thank you for visiting our site. We hope that you will find this site useful as you plan your own travel adventures.

We are Arlyn and Noel from Arizona, USA. We both retired from our jobs in 2019 and have since been exploring the world.

What this website is about

We write about our exploration experiences to inform others. Our goal is to explore one country a month (more or less) for as long as we can. We created this website in 2021 to share our experience, good or bad, so that others may benefit from what we have done and learned. We hope that you will find our blogs and stories useful and inspire you to pursue your own explorations.


All the contents of retiretoexplore.com reflect our own personal experience and opinions.  Although we try to make our contents up to date and relevant whenever possible, we make no claim of its accuracy or completeness and therefore not liable for any errors or omissions.